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EbikeBC is a Sales and Service business affiliated with ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC. EbikeBC has a local warehouse/showroom/service center on the border of Vancouver and Burnaby BC, Canada.

ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC is an engineering R&D and market research company which focuses on affordable solutions for clean transportation and electric drive systems. EbikeBC makes technologically-advanced, yet affordable ebikes. Our mission is to create an environmentally-sustainable product for our highly-satisfied customers, designed to replace cars on the road. Well-engineered and reliable, we offer a wide range of ebikes to fit any customer’s needs.

Your purchase is a big investment; read this to know 10 reasons why you might consider buying ENVO products from EbikeBC.

Our Services

  • Free consultation of various ebike solutions (online or local) and demoing (local)
  • Wide range of customisable and adaptable inventory products including various ready-to-go electric bikes and conversion kits
  • Maintaining customer’s cost within the best value for their money
  • US & Canada-wide Free shipping, shipping worldwide
  • Electric bikes parts, service, repair or Li-Ion battery refurbishing (online or local)
  • Conversion kit installation service (local)
  • Warranty and after sales service of our products
  • Continuous and real-time supply to bike shops and re-sellers
EbikeBC Our Services

Ebike conversion kits are our expertise

With more than 18 years’ experience in Design and Manufacturing ebikes and ebike kits, our products are technically advanced with proven quality as a result of years of sales and after-sales maintenance of hundreds of sets of our products within a vast geographical distribution with a variety of climates and applications.

The electric bike industry is still fairly new and it can be difficult to know what type of ebike is best for you. Often time you don’t need the most powerful or the most expensive model. We are happy to help you through the process of figuring out what the best option is for you.

Customer and seller should directly communicate to make it possible to provide a reliable aftermarket ebike through the installation of ebike kits.

We have designed several configurations and components. We manufacture and test parts according to specific component standards and inspect them in compliance with regulations such as CE, RoHS, UL.

We have a large inventory of various motors, controllers, batteries of different technologies including direct hub motors, geared hub motors, Crank motors, BionX, Bafang, Shimano STEP, Bosch as well as our house brand system. We are not limited to one particular brand and we don’t push a single product.

After looking around locally for an ebike I found EbikeBC.com on line. In fact I did find a nice model locally but the company never returned phone calls or answered emails. Not a good sign. This is the opposite of Alec at EbikeBC. From day one with the initial submitting of the online form outlining my present bike (Louis Garneau Harmony) to requesting photos before placing my order and finally answering numerous emails (over 40!) I am now a real happy rider of an Ebike. It is now a joy to ride with a head wind up hill. The installation was relatively easy with Alec answer my questions. Just take your time. I would definitely recommend EbikeBC to anyone looking for an Ebike conversion solution.”

– Morrie P.

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Ali Kazemkhani

I was only 8 years old struggling with a 3V micro electric motor from my Dad’s broken Tape player to make my 16in Cadillac bicycle wheel rotate ; It did never work, but the challenge continued…

In March 2002, when I was a Mechanical Engineer I patented the first Universal Electric Bike Conversion Kit using SLA battery and direct electric hub motor. It took a whole youth life for a dream to come to a reality.

Since then all struggles have been around Quality, Performance, Flexibility and Affordability of Ebike Kits for public use. We at EbikeBC believe there shouldn’t be a single technical or commercial drawback for bringing ebikes to more people’s lifestyle.

Ali Kazemkhani, Founder of EbikeBC, MS Mechanical Engineering

We are open to cooperation

We care that more people use electric bikes. We appreciate any industry, business or individuals who are actively pushing society into using electric bikes as they are the cleanest, healthiest and most efficient means of personal transportation. We are glad to see startup businesses in this field and welcome them all and are open to cooperate with them as well as all-seasoned active electric bike brands and stores.