Why Electric Bikes Are Good For You And The Environment

We all know global warming is severely affecting our environment worldwide. There is excessive consumption of fossil fuels in the transportation industry, which accounts for a fifth of the worldwide carbon emissions. As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, they look for alternative sustainable resources to replace fossil fuels. For example, electric bikes are [...]

Earth Day Facts And How You Can Help The Environment By Going Electric

Did you know the month of April is all about celebrating our Mother Earth? The very first Earth Day dated back to the 1970s and took place on April 22. Since then, Earth Day has become a global movement, and over 1 billion people participate, bringing awareness to the issues our planet faces.  This [...]

What Is Spring Knee And How To Prevent Injury Ebiking

Many cyclists, from amateurs to professionals, will experience Spring Knee or some knee pain when starting up cycling again. Cycling is excellent exercise and a fun way to explore local areas and bike trails after being stuck inside for the winter. Once spring comes, people are excited to bring out their bikes again. You're [...]

Bike The Blossoms- A Guide To Vancouver’s Cherry Blossoms By Ebike

In Vancouver, you know spring is here when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. We thought the best way to experience these beautiful pink blooms was with a bike ride through the city! Grab your ebike for a leisurely ride and enjoy the breathtaking blossoms. Bring a few friends along for the ride [...]

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