Have you heard of cargo bikes?

“Why haven’t we always been doing this?” When we find ourselves asking that question, then we know we’ve come across something truly smart and innovative. The electric bike battery that transformed a conventional bicycle into a modern, efficient, cost-effective and yet convenient form of transportation is one such example. 

Naturally, now that the electric bicycle is a mainstream mode of transportation that is not limited by the rider’s endurance, the next step in the evolution is the adaptability with Ebike add-on kits such as the child seat Argo.

What is the ARGO child carrying seat E-bike add-on?

Getting out for a ride traditionally meant leaving things behind. There’s generally only room for one on the average conventional or electric bicycle after all; but that’s not always an option, especially for those of us with little ones. 

In such cases, the options used to be as boring as getting someone else to watch them, to getting them to tag along on their own little rides; which although more fun, has its own safety and feasibility drawbacks. 

The Argo child carrying seat changes all that with a simple to operate and easy to attach add-on that gets the little troublemakers on your ride with ease and control, and it’s available at EbikeBC.com as the only official Canadian retailer. 

The add-on replaces the front wheel of most quick-release equipped standard and electric bikes, including ENVO electric bikes, with the child carrying Argo box. The system directs steering input to the front wheel ahead of the Argo box child seat for convenient operation, while your precious cargo is right where you want them to be: in front of your eyes. 

With the convenience of electric battery power assist the added weight of a couple of kids is no problem at all and installation on your Ebike is less than a minute with no tool required.

What is the utility E-bike trolley add-on?

Similar to the Argo, the Trego is a front-wheel conversion kit, and is well compatible with ENVO electric bikes as well as most standard Ebikes, but rather than a box it employs a trolley to transform the conventional layout to a utility bike in one simple step. 

This adds huge convenience for cargo bike transportation as once the Ebike reaches its destination, the two wheel trolley utility bike attachment can easily be detached from the front and used as a conventional trolley by hand. This means less loading and unloading of cargo and more time-saving convenience, especially when delivering and picking cargo indoors. 

EBikeBC cargo trolley add on with Envo 2020

Multi-functional trolley, made to carry heavy things anywhere you want to go. But what makes it unique is that it’s the first trolley that connects to the front of your bike in seconds.

The unique articulating front wheels are the magic that makes the cargo Ebike attachment such an effective companion to an Ebike. In order to mimic the stability and maneuverability of a single front wheel on the Ebike, the utility bike attachment employs tilting front wheels that allow the rider to lean their electric bike into corners and even negotiate some unpaved terrain. 

Telescoping handlebars allow the trolley to fit nicely under the Ebike’s handlebars during riding and then extend for ease of use when detached. 

Why use cargo bike and child seat add-ons on an E-bike?

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to add-ons. Taking your existing electric bicycle and turning it into a multi-functional cargo E-bike or child carrying electric bicycle transportation solution is making the most of what you have. 

This means a single electric bike battery is now performing multiple roles rather than just one, eliminating the need for alternative vehicles or specialty utility Ebikes for utilitarian tasks. To watch them in action visit argobikes.com and see if they are right for you.