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ENVO Lynx-16 Folding eBike

The ENVO LYNX is a stylish, efficient and foldable electric bike – perfect for so many applications. Capable of supporting up to 100 kg / 6’2” riders, the Lynx 16 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a bike that is compact and easy to transport.
Well suited for urban commuting, fitness or adventure, the lightweight LYNX fits perfectly with your lifestyle.


ESE – ENVO Sustainable Engineering
Compact folding electric bike
Geared motor system
Seat Tube battery

Total Weight 14.5 kg (31.9 lbs)
Power 250W Max
Torque 40 Nm Max
Range 30 km
Max Speed 25 km/h


ENVO Lynx16 Geared Hub Motor
Small sized motor with a very simple structure for light weight and a long-lasting life. Motor provides a very high efficiency and a stress-free ride with a high power. Motor gives out a maximum 350W power providing 40 newton-meter max toque making hills flat.
This electric bicycle features a pedal assist sensor which has optimized torque emulation software. The e-assist system eliminates the road grade by selecting the assist level from 0 to 5 through the keypad on handlebar. There is also a power on demand throttle which lets you ride on electric motor only without pedalling. The LCD interface gives access to all monitoring and setting features such as ODO, speed, battery charge level, as well as diagnostics in case of a failure through which you can fix issues yourself using the manuals or with the help of our technical customer service.
ENVO Lynx16 e-Assist System
ENVO Lynx16 Battery Pack
The stylish, removable, A-grade Li-Ion battery pack is the key feature of ENVO Lynx-16 where although the battery is hidden in an structural part (seat post) making a clean and minimal design, it is simply accessible for replacement, transport and repairs. It provides average 20km round trip range on level 4-5 of assist or more than 40km on level 1-2.
Making it lighter did not compromise the top of the line disk brakes, equipped with electric cut-off sensors for more safety.
ENVo Lynx16 Disk Brake
ENVO Lynx16 Frame
The ENVO Lynx is built with a solid, super lightweight, stylish and unisex aluminium alloy frame. It can be fitted in a bag not wider than 75CM. Keep 4 folded ebikes in the back of a compact SUV.
16″ x2″ tires, provides enough cushion which improves ride comfort, dynamic manoeuvrability, and handling in different terrains.
ENVO Lynx16 Tires
ENVO Lynx16 Handlebar Stem
Telescopic adjustable height and QR detachable handle bar brings the most compactness when folded without compromising the ergonomic riding posture.
Attach a full size pannier for errands and commutes
ENVO Lynx16 Lifestyle
ENVO Lynx16 Lifestyle
  • ENVO Lynx16 Lifestyle
  • ENVO Lynx16 Lifestyle
  • ENVO Lynx16 Lifestyle