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ENVO E50 is a fully featured electric scooter developed in an OEM partnership by ENVO Drive Systems Inc. Capable of carrying 120kg of payload and weighing just 21kg this foldable scooter can be easily carried around in condo staircases, public transits and more. Powered by a 500W motor, E50 can reach 32km/h of high speed, and up to 50km of range due to its 500Wh battery. E50 can climb up to 25% slope and equipped with dual brake system allowing you to brake safely. 


21KG (46.3lbs) total weight
Rear Disc Brake & Front Drum Brake

Front & Rear Suspension
500W Max Power
Max Range 50 Kms
Max Speed 32km/h

E50 features a solid, super lightweight, and stylish frame made from Magnesium alloy. ENVO
uses a technique called die-casting to get the beautiful curve and design. ENVO offers five color
frames: Black, Silver, Orange, Blue Indigo, and Red Oxford.
ENVO E50 Battery
This motor is powered by Li-ion battery. This battery features smart BMS (Battery Management
System) which ensures your battery is charged in the most efficient way possible and last for a
long time, this BMS protects the battery against over current, short circuit, high temperature,
over charge, over discharge, and under voltage conditions. E50 can be charged easily using a
plugin portable CC-CV smart Li-Ion battery charger. The cells used in the ENVO Battery are
18650 cells which are top of the line Li-Ion cells currently in use.
Powering E50 is a rear hub motor, this motor can provide peak 500W. Which means you can climb the steepest of hills with a little  effort. The sealed nature of the rear hub motor makes it virtually maintenance free and can last you thousands of km of travel.   
ENVO E50 Display
The E50 is equipped with three-ride modes: eco, standard, and sports. Depending on your use
case, you can select between these modes. E50 also comes with a cruise mode which can be
activated using the keypad.
The E50 is built for comfort as well as performance offering 7in wide baseboard. This allows the
customer to have comfortable and stable ride.
ENVO E50 Baseboard


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