Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer guaranteed satisfaction on all our products and services.  We understand your enthusiasm for receiving a perfect product as soon as possible which is why we provide in-depth free technical sales support to prevent any discrepancy.


We are here to help you get the best product match possible . You may get help from our experts to select the right product before commit to order.

Orders may take 1 to 3 business days to be processed.

In case of shortage in any ordered parts that may cause delay, that might be communicated within this time frame.

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD), Cash, e-transfer, money order, cheque are accepted too, however delivery will be done after money is deposited.

Once you completed a purchase transaction with us, you may not legally request a charge back at any time through your credit card supplier or this will be considered a fraud and will be prosecuted. In-case of any discrepancy or issues on your products, you must take our customers service measures to reach to a solution or get your refund.

Sales tax for Canadian consumers is calculated based on the place of residence.

USA customers do not pay any sales taxes. Normally for orders under $600USD there is no custom duties. Beyond that limit there might be duty charges. You need to update with the latest US custom regulations.

By placing an order via phone, chat, email, online store, in-store, through our dealers or re-sellers or buying second hand you are agreeing to our terms of service.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this website or do not buy our product and service.

This document is superior to any other general terms and conditions shared on marketplaces and retailer of ENVO or EbikeBC products.

These terms of use are subject to change at any time.

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice


Estimated delivery of products for Canada west is 2-3 days, Canada East 3-7 days, US 3-8 days. For smaller parts, shipping may be expedited for an extra fee.

The shipping charges you pay is approximate and calculated by the system. Actual cost may vary, you will not be charged more or may not be refunded for balance.

In cases where the shipping cost is extraordinarily higher than average territory (more than 50% higher the average cost), we may negotiate a contribution by you or cancel the order for a full refund.  This also applies to free-shipping offers and deals.

For small packages we use Canada Post Expedited parcel or similar service.

For larger Items we use Canpar (within Canada) and UPS for US.

Li-Ion batteries and battery included items may be considered dangerous goods and have shipping limitations which may cause higher shipping costs.

Due to shipping size or DG restrictions delivery time may vary for some locations.

Free-shipping offers and purchases from other marketplaces follows the same shipping patterns.

In case of a returns, exchange, repair or warranty service of parts or products, we do not assume any responsibility for cost or restrictions of delivery or shipping back to our facilities.

We guarantee delivery of the order to you; however, we are not responsible for delays or un-scheduled deliveries.

In-case items get lost during shipment, you are responsible to help rectify all problems and disputes  with the courier.

Make sure you do not accept broken packages, unless you take pictures and sign with the courier agent. In case of damage during shipment, a complete claim application should be filed based on the courier-required paperwork.

Understanding of our customer service

Our highest priority is to provide you the best customer service to bring you more trust and eagerness towards using the new and green technologies in personal transportation. Our customer service is not passive; we will be engaged with you through all ordering or service procedure. We may have in depth conversation with our client about their requirement or problems which differentiates us from common  “No-Question” customer service model offered by Amazon or department stores.  We are real hardworking people who try to bring great products and services to you no one else does.

You might lose some functionality of your transportation in the middle of no-where in the cold or wet. You might be caught by a time-consuming technical challenge or have to troubleshoot because of an electric failure. You may require providing some technical information to resolve an after-sales service issue that is beyond your expertise. It might all be frustrating, and we understand that. No one can guarantee your product won’t fail. We mind your final satisfaction at the end of the journey as well as respecting our staff and peaceful business atmosphere. We call all your patience and understanding in those occasions.

Our warranty or technical service on our house brand products such as ENVO electric bikes and conversion kits are hassle free. ENVO products have proven less than 0.5% motor defects, less than 1.3% Battery defects, less than 2% controller defect which makes our warranty a no question deal; yet we need to understand the roots to optimize our products.

Return and Exchange

All ENVO products purchased online or in-store have 10 days right of return. Product shall be unused, undamaged, unscratched, clean in the original package and resell-able to be eligible for a return and refund.

A 5% handling and re-stocking fee will apply to all eligible online order returns.

A 10% handling and re-stocking fee will apply to all eligible in-store tested and purchased products returns.

All parts shall be unused, undamaged, unscratched, clean in the original package and resell-able to be eligible for a return and full refund.

A product which has been used more than 5km is considered used and not eligible for a full refund.

Packing and shipping expenses (including free-shipping deals) as well as any labor or fees involved in the customized order are not refundable.

You will need to communicate the return issue with us through our ticketing system prior to any shipment. Customers are responsible for safe delivery and shipping costs for both directions.

Any customization labor, cost of modified parts as a matter of customer’s request, installation fee, service or tune up fee, delivery or shipping, special parts add-ons purchased from a 3rd party, discount given, handling and re-stocking fees, will be calculated in the refund amount.

If you have received a wrong product or products with missed parts as a matter of a mistake by our fulfillment, you will get the missed components or replacement without any extra charge and we will pay you components return shipping cost. Final invoice is the reference to know who is responsible for the mistaken order or delivery.

Minor inconsistency such as type of connectors, sensors, shape of head light, color of parts or products being different than in pictures, e.g. silver or black motor, rack, battery, etc. this will not be accepted a matter of free exchange claim. Such optional requests will be handled based on stock availability.

In order not to impose dissatisfaction for those customers whose products are not eligible for return, but for elidable reasons are unable to use their product and yet require returning, we may offer a reduced-price store credit or refund evaluated by head on tech dept. This may be more helpful for refund of barely used products or those just passed the limits of eligibility. The offered price may vary between 75% to 95% of the retail value of the same product in same condition, determined by our sales manager.


Refunds will be initiated after products arrived in our warehouse and passed all checks and tests. This process may take 2 days up to 2 weeks in our warehouse depending on work traffic.

Payments will be processed through the same payment method originally purchased through. Please be patient and take all security measures and make sure you are not sharing the credit card info through emails, chat and un-verified phone calls.


All ENVO products including eBikes, Conversion Kits, eScooters, etc. as well as components including motor, controller, display, battery, charger, throttle, PAS sensor, brake sensors are covered by 24 months free warranty unless otherwise specified. (Effective 25th August 2022)

Note: Brake pads and Brake Maintenance is not included in warranty

Warranty covers manufacturing and parts defect. In case of any defect ENVO will:

  • Repair the defect at no charge.
  • Provide same or compatible part of comparable performance as replacement.
  • Offer store credit.

For Non-ENVO products we resell, we will follow original manufacturers’ Terms & Conditions. In most cases, customers will need to contact the original manufacturer organization for their claim. Warranty information for such products can be shared at the time of purchase.

Warranty is to ensure you receive a perfect product which requires intense maintenance service at all time by the user, having all spares, tools and expertise.

Mechanical parts such as chain, brake, tire, gear adjustment or loose screws or connectors is not a warranty claim. Warranty is for intrinsic parts defects.

We do not offer bicycle service and tune up as a part of warranty service.

Warranty supports you if you have an intrinsically defective parts such as a cracked frame weld seam or controller circuit failure; That also to the level of replacement and not including labor or delivery.

Delivery of the defective products or parts for repair or replacement to our service shop is the customer’s responsibility.

Ebike is a vehicle in real working conditions It is always exposed to unwanted impacts, shocks, vibrations, heat and cold, accidents, water penetration, salt splash etc. which may cause damage which mill not be considered a warranty claim.

If there is a defective product or part within the eligibility period, we supply a free replacement part for you. You might be billed for the cost of delivery or installation fee.

If the problem is caused by an accident, wrong or careless installation by the customer, careless actions, wire stretch, bad storage or not following the instruction manual, the customer will pay the cost of the part and replacement. The cause of the failure and warranty eligibility should be verified by the head of our technical dept. If the cause remains un-known, we will do in favor of the customers.

Our warranty terms & conditions applies also to all customers purchasing our products through dealers, 3rd party or second hand.

To claim a warranty, you need to apply through our customer service ticketing system.

In-case a warranty extension is offered for any of our products, you can pay the fees and get covered for the extension through same terms and conditions. You may apply up to 1 day before the regular warranty period expires.

Warranty of the products we resell at EbikeBC is based on the warranty terms & conditions of the supplier.

Trouble Shooting, Repairs and Technical Service

We have a dedicated  Help Center including troubleshooting guide and user’s manual to help customers maintain and fix they system in case of errors or failure. You are required to go through the guides and if the solution is not achieved contact our customer service through our ticketing system, providing all observations for our technicians to help figure out the issue.

Ninety Percent of cases can get to a solution at this stage by knowing the problem even without need for sending any replacement part.

In case the issue is not diagnosed by standard ways; for our hub motor kits, ENVO ebikes, and other house brand products, since the electrical system is a modular and easy access, we would be able to send you replacement parts such as controller to swap and test and return the defective one. You may be required to purchase the parts initially and pay for the shipping costs. You can return the unused parts for full refund later on.

For some systems like Bafang mid-motors, Li-Ion battery packs, Bosch motors, Shimano motors, BionX, Inmotion or Ninebot robot scooters and other sophisticated and non-modular systems if there is no error code or no one to do electrical tests, we will not be able to diagnose or provide a solution remotely and require you to send back the components for test and repair.

Customers require to understand level of technical knowledge or tools they should have to recover their system remotely and safely with our assistance.

If at any stages of the diagnostics or even after parts replacement, it tuns out to be a part intrinsic defect within the warranty criteria; we will refund the cost of purchased component as accepted by warranty validated by head of technical dept.

Demoing and Test Ride

We may provide demos for customers to test ride before purchase. This is normally available at our central showroom or our dealers.

This is to let customers to understand the products at best level. Customers who apply for a test ride need to read the demoing and test ride terms & conditions carefully and sign it beforehand.

Make sure you understand the risks of riding those products and your liabilities and our disclaimer.

Liability Disclaimer

EbikeBC assumes no responsibility beyond quality control of products/components in-house or in manufacturing facilities, supplier selection and final testing before delivery of the products including Li-Ion battery packs, street or non-street products. All customers should fully understand their product and maintenance and safe keeping/use of the products/components. Literature provided on our website and manuals are there for this purpose, yet hazard scenarios might not be limited to those foreseen.

Our responsibility and liability of a defective component or errors and omissions of service is limited to part replacement or fee waiver of repeated service in-case. We will not be liable for any property damage, personal injury, Fire related incidents, loss of use, interruption of business, loss of profits, or other consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive or special damages arising from use, malfunction or due to defective equipment. EbikeBC will not be liable for any accident, misuse, abuse, loss, injury for or by the rider neither a third-party, even if the cause is an ebike kit power, speed, bad or illegal parameter setting, components defect or malfunction. This applies in all cases however caused, whether for breach of warranty, contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or other reasons. By purchasing this equipment buyer agrees that, IN NO EVENT WILL EbikeBC BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES EVEN IF COMPANY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

Customer takes all responsibilities and liabilities on all products including ebikes, e-scooters, conversion kits, batteries, ebike components, brakes, bike mechanical parts and adjustments, electrical wiring, unforeseen occurrences, safety issues, maintenance and services, etc.

Ebike rider must obey all traffic regulations, geographical or age restrictions and is responsible to follow rules and updates for the kind of vehicle using.

Customers are fully responsible for understanding the safety concerns and regulations of keeping, using and transportation of Li-Ion battery packs.

Street Legality

Where an electric bike or conversion kit is defined as Street legal, it means the electric bike or trike is considered street legal Under Canadian and US Federal Electric Bike Regulations. Those products are viewed as bicycles, not motorized vehicles without need of insurance license plate or drivers’ license. It is important for you to check your province/ state, county, and local laws to ensure that you are riding legally and safely.

Please note Street Legal does not mean you can ride your electric bike or trike on any bicycle pathways; parks and trails may have their restrictions against use of electric assist bikes.

There might be options such as throttle or its activation mechanism which has a different legal definition in different territories. We normally have provided controller settings or options to adapt those specs.

By modifying electric bikes or conversion kits settings, upgrading components capacity such as controller or motor, the product might lose its street legality no matter who does the modification. If you ask EbikeBC to do the upgrades, we will notify if you are exceeding the limits.

EbikeBC may offer non-street legal conversion kits, scooters, ebikes, etc. EbikeBC is not liable for legality of use of products offered in various locations.

User Submitted Content

By sharing a thought, customer review, picture, video, testimonial, technical issue or service ticket you grant us, and anyone authorized by us, a claim and royalty-free permission to use or share those content where and the way we find it useful.

Errors on Website or shared materials

We are not liable of direct or indirect consequences for typographical or illustrative errors in our website, communications or materials shared. Errors will be corrected where and when discovered. Please help us improve them if you detect any.

This Document is superior to any other general terms and conditions shared on marketplaces and retailer of ENVO or EbikeBC products.

These terms of use are subject to change at any time.

Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice