Long summer nights are things we dream about during the fall and winter seasons. Now that summer is here; we’re ready to make those dreams a reality! Once 5 pm hits, grab your bike and hit the trails! We believe the ENVO Flex Overland is the perfect ebike for the job. Load up on gear and take it for whatever adventure your heart desires. It is the perfect off-road companion to tear up the trails and reach those uncommon destinations. We know many off-road cargo ebikes, and deciding which one is best for you can be overwhelming. We’ve taken the time to evaluate why we think the ENVO Flex Overland is the best electric off-road cargo ebike.

Step through electric bike Norco-Scene-VLT

Price: $3,400 CAD

The ENVO Flex Overland is a hefty off-road cargo fat tire ebike. With accessibility in mind, the frame is a foldable unisex and unisize step-thru design. With a dual battery option and a proprietary rear hub motor, you’ll get up to 1000W of power, so you can easily climb the steepest of hills. With ENVO sustainable engineering, you can convert the FLEX Overland to the FLEX Snowbike due to the interchangeable frames. Get the best of both in one bike and continue your adventures in the winter. The ENVO engineers designed this fat tire bike with one of the smallest Q factors for easy riding. The adventure never ends with a top speed of 50km/hr and up to 200km in range with dual batteries. The Flex Overland can carry up to 400lbs total capacity, bring a friend, your kids and some snacks, and you’re ready to go!

Quality Score from 100

Step Through electric bike Norco-Scene-VLT Metrics

Total Score: 83/100

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